Yesterday was one of the strangest days of my life. And I wanted to share with y’all the lesson I learned in all of it.

And it’s a pretty important lesson.

Wednesday was one of the strangest days I’ve experienced in a long time. …

I forget the time frame we were in. It was probably in the mid-late 2000s — maybe 2008.

At the time I lived in Ashford, Alabama — right outside Dothan. I got in my car one Saturday and headed up to Montgomery to spend the weekend with Alan. …


I’m sitting here in the break room at Best Buy. I’m drinking coffee, and I’m writing this post.

By all rights, I should be on a plane this morning. I should be on a plane to Chicago to watch a dear friend get married on Sunday.

I’ve never been…

I sat down several minutes ago to write this piece, and I’m getting very angry that I’m overthinking what I want to write. I’m angry that I can’t figure out how to say what I want to say.

Truth is, I’ve been actively avoiding writing. I’ve been actively avoiding social…

I was listening to this incredibly fascinating podcast that inspired this post. The podcast featured a real-life romantic couple who were discussing parental wounds. It just brought up so much stuff with me that I just needed to get it out.

I’m not about to bash Ann and Tony here…

TW — just trust me on this.

I’ve debated all day writing this. But I process through words and writing, so here it is. And this is a breakthrough in getting what I need.

I was walking Pete first thing this morning as I always do. My hair is still…

Ryan Hall

I’m a novelist. I’m an author. (Not the same thing.) I’m a life coach for creative empowerment. And I’m a human being. Let’s connect.

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